The Future of Nuclear Power

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During the last century, nuclear power has been established as a reliable source of energy in the major industrialised countries. It has recently enjoyed a revival in attention and research due to the environmental concerns surrounding current conventional energy sources. Issues of regulation and safety are at the forefront of all discussions involving nuclear power, and will govern its place in the future. "The Future of Nuclear Power "takes a technical and comprehensive look at the current and future status of nuclear power throughout the world. The 17 chapters are divided into two main sections: a review of all current generation plants, and concepts for new advanced reactor design and safety. The broad-ranging topics covered by this publication, coupled with the current revival of interest in nuclear energy, make it a timely reference for all nuclear scientists. Reviews the issues surrounding the future operation of existing commercial nuclear plants. Several chapters dedicated to the extensive research programs in place concerning safe and reliable operation. Compares nuclear and non-nuclear options for energy needs in the future; evaluating the benefits and risks of both.


Present generation reactors, continued operation of existing plant, operational safety, operational efficiency, nuclear fuel cycle, waste management and decommissioning, advanced reactor design, licensing and safety requirements, global developments, evolutionary water reactors, passive systems and inherent saftey, future generation reactors, accelerator driven systems, nuclear heat and other applications, experimental research programmes, analytical methods development, the future of nuclear energy
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