A Course in G.B.Syntax

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Januar 1988



A Course in GB Syntax is a new kind of linguistics textbook. It presents the fundamental concepts of the Government-Binding approach to syntax in a lecture-dialogue format that conveys the sense of a changing field, with live issues under debate.


Howard Lasnik is a Professor at the University of Connecticut.


"A novel, Socratic approach to teaching current work on syntax. "A Course in GB Syntax" conveys the energy of the classroom and has the great virtue of confronting alternatives more clearly than conventional textbooks, giving a sense of what future revisions of the theory will address. An invaluable resource for courses introducing government-binding theory."- David W. Lightfoot, Director, Linguistics Program, The University of Maryland
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Untertitel: Lectures on Binding and Empty Categories. black & white illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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