175 Sermon Outlines

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Februar 1979



The Sermon Outline Series answers the urgent demand for scriptural, reasonably-priced, and appropriate sermon material. Consistently evangelical, these versatile books include outlines on special days, on great themes in God's Word, and on individual books of the Bible.


John L. Mayshack has authored four other successful outline books entitled "175 Sermon Outlines," "165 Dynamic Sermon Outlines," "Sermons for Today." And "Fiery Sermon Outlines." He is a nationally recognized religious educator. Reverend Mayshack is a member of The National Baptist Convention, U.S.A., Inc., where he served as an instructor of Youth Evangelism for ten years in The National Baptist Congress of Christian Education. Mayshack received an Honorary Doctoral Degree from the Tennessee School of Religion located in Memphis, Tennessee in 2006. He attended Andover Newton Theological School in Newton Center, Massachusetts where he earned a Master of Divinity Degree. Reverend Mayshack graduated from Bishop College in Dallas, Texas, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. He is married to Carla Malone Mayshack and is the proud father of two sons, James and John.
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