If Heaven Is So Wonderful ... Why Come Here?

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Januar 2004



For over fifty years, the author has communicated with people from the next world. Guides and teachers from spirit have taught him what life is like in the spirit world, and through their teaching, he has gathered the knowledge contained in this book.
Some of the spiritual teachings he has received from many different teachers, from both earth and spirit, include the following:

There is no death.
We create our own reality by the thoughts we think.
We are always linked to the divine essence called God.
We are infinite beings manifesting temporarily in this dimension.
We create time to enable us to experience the life we have chosen for this incarnation.
We are here on earth to bring the great power of love as it is in heaven.
There is nothing but love and acceptance in the spirit world.
Good and evil are value judgments based on what is acceptable or unacceptable to the observer.
There is no judgment or punishment in the spirit world except that which is self-created.
We have to live with who we are, and self-punishment will bring growth through experience.
This book is not only about the spirit world. From these teachings we can have a hopeful frame of reference to aid in this life by removing the fears of loneliness and death. We are never totally alone in the next world, and there is no death.
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