People and the Earth

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Written with wit and remarkable insight, and illustrated with numerous case histories, PEOPLE AND THE EARTH provides a balanced view of the complex environmental issues facing our civilization. The authors examine our interaction with our planet, provide a lucid, scientific discussion of each issue, and speculate on what the future may hold. 56 photos. 126 line diagrams. 39 tables. 71 exercises.


Preface; 1. People and land; 2. Food; 3. Natural hazards; 4. Water; 5. Energy; 6. Mineral resources; 7. Waste and pollution; 8. Global change; 9. A final word.


'This is an excellent template for the new geology, also known as Earth systems science or environmental studies. People and the Earth is written at the introductory level and contains a seamless melding of policy implications as well as the requisite physical and biological science principles. I learned a lot reading it. I feel that this text contains the kinds of concepts that society must assimilate if the next century is to witness a better-managed planet than the past.' W. G. Ernst, W&M Arts Sciences 'People and the Earth contains many very interesting case studies, several of which are different to those found in other similar texts. It poses challenges through these case studies that will encourage students to find out more. The authors offer some really valuable suggestions for further reading to support this. People and the Earth is an interesting publication, one which supports areas which are difficult for students to explore in depth and which are not always effectively covered. It provides a balanced view of the complex environmental issues affecting our civilisation.' Karl Donert, Geography
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