The Sarasota School of Architecture, 1941--1966

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Foreword by Michael SorkinIntroduction by Richard Guy WilsonInflected by local climate, construction practices, regional culture, and Florida lifestyle, the work of the Sarasota school of architecture marks a high point in the development of regional modernism in American architecture.Although the Sarasota school wasn't a consciously organized movement, it was an important chapter in American modernism that, unlike the earlier Bay Area school and Chicago school, has received little study or published scholarly treatment. John Howey provides the first solid documentation of the Sarasota group's designs and theories. He has interviewed all of the surviving architects and original clients and has included a rich archive of photographs by Ezra Stoller, Alexandra Georges, and others.


Michael Sorkin is the principal of the Michael Sorkin Studio in New York City. He has taught at a number of schools of architecture, including Cooper Union, Columbia, Yale, Harvard, and Cornell.


"The essays are fascinating, the authors well known, and the content relevant to architectural historians, authors, writers, critics, and students."--Library Journal "This excellent book makes a strong case for a renewed appreciation ofregional modernism." Erika Belsey , Art New England
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