Soils and Their Environment

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November 1991



This expansive treatment of soils provides a solid, in-depth foundation to soil principles and concepts and their application. This comprehensive volume brings together the concepts of soil with other basic sciences in a single source. It incorporates a wealth of detailed information on chemistry, physics, geology, and plant physiology in its examination of soil properties and soil-plant relationships. Mechanisms controlling soil, pH, weathering and soil formation processes, heat movement in soils, prediction and control of wind and water erosion and other topics are clearly illustrated in easy-to-read theoretical detail, making this a valuable guide to the science of soil.


Physical properties of soils; soil formation; classification of soils; water in soils; soil aeration and temperature; soil erosion; properties of soil colloids; soil reaction - soil pH; salt-affected soils; soil organisms and organic matter; soil-plant interactions; nitrogen and sulphur; phosphorus and potassium; micronutrients; control of fertility and pH; soil and environment quality; world soil resources.
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