Experiments in Plant Tissue Culture

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This new edition of a highly successful book has been completely revised and updated, and features new illustrations and experiments.


Part I. Background Information: 1. Culture of plant cells, tissues, and organs; 2. Laboratory facilities; 3. Aseptic techniques; 4. Media composition and preparation; Part II. Experimental: Callus and Callus-Derived Systems: 5. Initiation and maintenance of callus; 6. Organogenesis; 7. Cell suspensions; 8. Somatic embryogenesis; Part III. Experimental: Culture of Organs and Organized Systems: 9. Isolated roots; 10. Micropropagation by bud proliferation; 11. Anther and pollen cultures; Part IV. Experimental: Isolated Cells: 12. Transdifferentiation of parenchyma cells to tracheary elements; 13. Isolation and culture of protoplasts; 14. Protoplast fusion and somatic hybridization; Part V. Supplementary Topics: 15. Cryopreservation of germplasm; 16. Production of secondary metabolites; 17. Quantitation of procedures; 18. Formulations of tissue culture media; 19. Commercial sources of supplies; Author index; Subject index.


'This well thought out book does considerably more than is claimed in the title. It not only takes the reader through a graded series of experimental protocols covering the major techniques used in plant tissue culture, it also provides a good introductory review of each topic.' Trends in Biochemical Sciences '... the authors have written ... a text based on their extensive experience ... directed in the first instance towards students, these topics will prove [to be] of immense value to a much wider range of readers, whatever their previous knowledge.' Cellular and Molecular Biology '... a worthy text and an excellent addition to any plant science laboratory.' John Love, British Society for Developmental Biology Newsletter
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