Capital for Our Time: The Economic, Legal, and Management Challenges of Intellectual Capital

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Juli 1998



Capital for Our Time compellingly describes the opportunities and risks associated with intellectual capital, from broad economic questions to specific business strategies. It includes essays by cutting-edge managers and CEOs, as well as representatives of the venture capital, government, and trade communities.


Nicholas Imparato is a professor and chair of the Department of Marketing and Law at the University of San Francisco and, since 1996, a research fellow at the Hoover Institution. His research has focused on the intersection of public policy and business strategy.His current research publications and papers deal primarily with a range of challenges facing emerging economies: the determinants and motivations of Chinese investments in Turkey, the political and economic hurdles in Tanzania's artisanal mining sector, the response of poor nations to the 2008 crisis, and the pattern of China foreign direct investment in Africa.
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