Global Instability: The Political Economy of World Economic Governance

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April 1999



In "Global Instability," internationally renowned contributors examine the key problems besetting the world economy in the era of globalization and outline possible solutions. They reject the current orthodoxy in mainstream economics, challenging the fatalistic belief that the new globalized economy resists any change of course.
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List of Figures List of Tables List of Contributors Preface and acknowledgements, by the Editors Introduction Johathan Michie Part I: The 1997-98 Asian Crisis 1. 'Asian Capitalism' and the Financial Crisis Ajit Singh 2. Rejection Exceptionalism: Reinterpreting the Asian financial crises Ilene Grabel 3. Stabilizing Capital Flows to Developing Countries Stephany Griffith-Jones with Jenny Klimmis 4. International Finance and Global Deflation: There is an alternative Thomas I. Palley Part II: Global Instability 5. Creating International Credit Rules and the Multilateral Agreement on Investment: What are the alternatives? Elissa Brauenstein and Gerald Epstein 6. World Trad Liberalisation: National Autonomy and Gobal Regulation Avadhoot Nadkarni 7. What Role for the Tobin Tax in World Economic Governance? hilip Arestis and Malcolm Sawyer Part III: A New Structure for International Payments 8. Transnational Rules for Transnational Corporations: What Next? Paz Estrella Tolentino 9. Will the Real IMF Please Stand Up: What does the Fund do and what should it do? Laurence Harris 10. A World Central Bank? John Smithin and Bernard M. Wolf 11. A New Bretton Woods: Reforming the Global Financial System John Grieve Smith Name and Subject Index
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