The Politics of Lust

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März 2005



An attorney, erotic arts activist, and sexual theorist argues that the American culture's much-touted sexual hedonism is in fact mere bravado. Ince shows that though 30 years have elapsed since the "sexual revolution," negative attitudes are still prevalent toward nudity, masturbation, homosexuality, and many other sexual subjects.


John Ince is a lawyer, journalist, and cofounder of The Art of Loving (, a sexuality center in Vancouver, BC. He is also the founder of The Erosha School of Erotic Massage ( A member of the Bar for 23 years, he is one of the few lawyers expert in laws pertaining to sexuality. The author of four other books, he is a frequent public speaker and producer of controversial performance theater pieces that have attracted international media attention.


"Ince delivers his message in a logically beautiful form that is simultaneously simple, without being simplistic, provocative, without being pandering, and powerful, without being preachy."
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