Reiki and Spiritual Growth

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September 2007



Healing over distance through time and other key information revealed. My wife and I learned of Reiki while attending a seminar in New York city years ago. I had been told by several people that I was a healer. Later that year I was introduced to the healing modality, Reiki and shortly afterwards we both were attuned. After practicing and learning to give Reiki we followed up the first attunement with others and became Reiki Master/teachers and Karuna Reiki Masters. We have co-conspired to teach Reiki courses and practice in Florida as Hospice volunteers. In Pennsylvania we have meetings where we share Reiki with other Reiki practitioners.
This book was a very natural, almost compelling adventure for me to begin writing about 'hands on' healing and spirituality. It has been a meaningful learning experience for me. I sincerely hope it will be for you as well. While it will not enable you as a Reiki practitioner, it will give you a head start on the learning process.

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