The Fifth Gospel: Isaiah in the History of Christianity

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Mai 1996



New type of commentary on Isaiah's continuing influence on language and imagery.


1. Introduction; 2. Isaiah and Christian origins; 3. The early Church; 4. The cult of the Virgin Mary; 5. The Man of Sorrows; 6. Isaiah and the Jews; 7. The Reformation; 8. The Evangelical tradition; 9. Isaiah in literature and music; 10. The quest for the historical Isaiah; 11. Women and Isaiah; 12. The peaceable kingdom; 13. Conclusion.


'... a fascinating work of exploration, so rich that summary is quite impossible.' The Expository Times '... John Sawyer writes engagingly, taking the reader on a cultural journey through time and over geographical, literary, gender and subject barriers.' Timothy Lim, Church Times 'Sawyer evidences his skill with exegetical, historical, theological and artisitic dimensions of the text. The reader of his book is invited, with enormous effectiveness, into the interpretive practice of the church, whose imaginative use of the Isaiah text is indeed a dense one. Sawyer illuminates that density in a manner which will enliven our own re-reading of the text, as a church willing to exercise courage, sensitivity and inventiveness in our own time.' Walter Brueggemann, Columbia Theological Seminary, Decatur
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