Federal Britain

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April 1997



In "Federal Britain," John Kendle explores the British engagement with the federal idea from early 1600s up to today, when the United Kingdom is faced with two major federal constitutional debates. The first is about the nations which comprise the British state and the second surrounds the United Kingdom and the European Union.
Kendle examines the break-up of the first British empire and the development of modern federalism. He discusses the Anglo-Irish relationship, the United Kingdom's relationship to Europe, and other contemporary issues such as the world order, imperial federation and decolonization. "Federal Britain" is a thorough survey on what offers the best potential government for a state concerned with liberty and order.


Preface Acknowledgements 1. Indivisible Sovereignty 2. Nineteenth Century Practice and Theory 3. 'Federation' of the Empire 4. 'Federation' of the United Kingdom 5. The Round Table Movement, The Empire and World Order 6. 'Federal Union' 7. Federalism and Decolonization 8. 'The Federal Solution Is Not For Us' 9. Conclusion Notes.


'...richly repays the attentive reader.' - History Review 'Here is a book which impresses whether judged on the presentation of argument, depth of research or quality of proofing.' - Sean McDougall, Institute of Contemporary British History, London
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