Equality of Opportunity

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Preface Introduction Circumstances, Types, and Autonomous Choice Justifying the Proposal A Formal Definition of Equality of Opportunity Incentive Properties of the EOp Mechanism Equality of Opportunity with Production Equality of Opportunity for Welfare Equality of Opportunity for Health Education and Advantage Equal-Opportunity Unemployment Insurance The EOp Distribution of Educational Finance in the United States The Scope and Extent of Equal Opportunity To What Extent Should We Equalize Opportunities? Affirmative Action Concluding Remarks References Index


John Roemer is Elizabeth S. and A. Varick Stout Professor of Political Science and Economics, Yale University.


Roemer's combination of the techniques of economics and philosophy throws down a challenge to those in both disciplines. He believes he has sorted out equal opportunity, to leave us only with questions of personal responsibility and efficiency. A dash of political science may rein in what we can make of his account, but Equality of Opportunity is a very important work of metaphysical welfare economics. -- Keith Dowding Times Higher Education Supplement Articulates a level-playing-field view of equal opportunity. Proposes that the equal-opportunity policy must equalize, in an average sense, the educational achievements of all types of people but not equalize the achievements within types, which differ according to effort. Journal of Economic Literature
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