Practising Clinical Supervision

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This title is directed primarily towards health care professionals outside of the United States. With contributors from the UK and Australia, the second edition builds on the success of the original, which was praised for engaging readers and being a pragmatic and practice-orientated addition to the literature on clinical supervision. This edition is written in accessible style and will appeal to those both new to clinical supervision or experienced. It provides a thought-provoking, user friendly and practical guide to the subject.


Foreword by Tatiana Yegdich, Preface, Contributors. Acknowledgements. Using the Book.
Section 1: The Context of Clinical Supervision.
Chapter 1 - The Place of Clinical Supervision in Modern Healthcare (John Driscoll and Julia O'Sullivan).
Chapter 2 - Supported Reflective Learning: the Essence of Clinical Supervision (John Driscoll).
Section 2: Getting Going with Clinical Supervision in Practice.
Chapter 3 - Boundaries and Responsibilities in Clinical Supervision (Stephen Power).
Chapter 4 - Essential Elements for a Successful Supervisory Partnership to Flourish (Daniel Nicholls).
Section 3: Supervisory Methods and Approaches.
Chapter 5 - Psychological Approaches to the Clinical Supervision Encounter (Graham Sloan).
Chapter 6 - Exploring the Potential of Professional Coaching for the Growth of Clinical Supervision in Practice (John Driscoll and Gerard O'Donovan).
Chapter 7 - Alternative Methods in Clinical Supervision: Beyond the Face to Face Encounter (John Driscoll ans Allan Townsend).
Chapter 8 - Facilitating Group Supervision in Practice (John Driscoll).
Section 4: The Continuing Challenge of Clinical Supervision.
Chapter 9 - Some Ideas for Implementing Clinical Supervision in Practice (John Driscoll).
Chapter 10 - Setting Standards for the Practice of Clinical Supervsion - a Welsh Perspective (Mic Rafferty, Berwyn Llewellyn and Jeanette Hewitt). Index.


"This excellent book is written for health professionals involved in clinical supervision. read this book from cover to cover as a general introduction or use it as a tool to dip into to find solutions to your own supervision problems? Royal College of Nursing, Breast Care Nursing News. Winter 2008/09 "There is little by the way of drawback of fault in this book. This book comes highly recommended to any health professions in a practice environment - but most of all especially to those involved in the caring professions."? Journal of Clinical Nursing, 2009
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