Postmodernism and Popular Culture: A Cultural History

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An intellectual adventure, this book engages with some of the most important academic debates of our time.


Preface; Introduction; Part I. Modernism in Conflict: 1. Architectural modernism; 2. Literary modernism; 3. Modernism versus popular literture; 4. The Frankfurt School versus Walter Benjamin; 5. Flowering of an orthodoxy; 6. Myths of origin; 1970s screen theory and literary history; Part II. Modernism and Postmodernism: 7. Architectural postmodernism: learning from Las Vegas; 8. From Las Vegas to Sydney; 9. Are we living in a Postmodern Age?; 10. Mapping Frederic Jameson's grand narrative; 11. From structuralism to postructuralism: Derrida; 12. Cultural studies; Transitional moments from modernism to postmodernism; Part III. Carnival: 13. Bakhtin's carnival; 14. Dilemmas of a world upside fown; 15. Fools: carnival-theatre-Vaudeville-television; 16. Fool, trickster, social explorer - the detective; 17. Crime fiction as a changing genre; 18. Melodrama, farce, soap opera; 19. Melodrama in action: Prisoner or Cell Block H; Conclusion: Carnival and contemporary popular culture; Notes; Index.


"There is a great deal to be learned from this book....very revealing and useful....This volume should be required reading for the child in the cradle....This book blows away the smoke and holds the mirror steady. For that reason it should be awarded the Self-Aawreness and Knowledge prize." Ray Browne, Journal of Popular Culture
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