Uninvited Guest

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April 2006



A literary novel that takes historical liberties with Canada's national obsession: hockey.


"Hockey, totalitarianism, and Scandinavian prostitutes ?- what more could one possibly ask for in a novel? John Degen's "The Uninvited Guest" begins with a hilarious wink at the conceits of historical fiction, and uses the parallel reality it generates as the occasion for an exploration of love and loss, success and failure, and what it means to covet something. Degen is that rarest of Canadian writers, a poet-turned-novelist with confidence in his skill and trust in his readers. The text breathes, the story tells itself, and Degen is firmly in control. I read this book straight through in one sitting."
- Andrew Potter, sports columnist
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Untertitel: A Novel. Sprache: Englisch.
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