Collaborative Library Research Projects: Inquiry That Stimulates the Senses

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Mai 2008



Describes the collaboration of Library Media Specialists with teachers to design instruction. This title contains a variety of learning methods such as listening to music and oral history, using computers for research and interaction, watching videos, reading books, and discussing articles with classmates.


John D. Volkman has been the Library Media Teacher at Reedley High School in California since 2002. He received his MA in Library Science from San Jose State University in 1976 and has been a Library Media Teacher at Fresno-area high schools since then. His first book was Cruising Through Research; Library Skills for Young Adults (Libraries Unlimited).


"The bibliographic exercises and scoring guides alone are worth the price of the book. Overall, Volkman has provided an unparalleled winner that every teacher and librarian should own." - Reference & User Services Quarterly
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