Simplified Design of Filter Circuits

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Simplified Design of Filter Circuits, the eighth book in this popular series, is a step-by-step guide to designing filters using off-the-shelf ICs. The book starts with the basic operating principles of filters and common applications, then moves on to describe how to design circuits by using and modifying chips available on the market today. Lenk's emphasis is on practical, simplified approaches to solving design problems.
Contains practical designs using off-the-shelf ICs
Straightforward, no-nonsense approach
Highly illustrated with manufacturer's data sheets


Introduction * Typical Switched-Capacitor Filters * Continuous Lowpass Filters * Zero DC-Error Lowpass Filters * General-Purpose Lowpass Filters *General-Purpose Elliptic Lowpass Filters * Tabular Design of Bandpass Filters * Practical Considerations for Switched-Capacitor Filters * Active RC Filters Using Current-Feedback Amplifiers * Simplified Design Examples
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