Elements of Natural Health

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September 2015



'Imagine Yourself In Perfect Health'

Here is your personal reference guide for using naturally time-tested health principles to achieve a higher degree of wellness. It brings to the reader a fresh, new perspective on the topics of food, fasting, water, air, and rest.¿

These teachings will help you to:

Gain a new perspective about which foods you should be eating and why.

Learn how foods affect your condition of internal cleanliness.

Realize how fasting can cleanse the body of harmful food waste residues.

Conduct a fast safely on your own.

Discover effective ways of using water to cleanse the body both internally and externally.

Practice simple breathing exercises that oxygenate the bloodstream, reduce stress and calm the mind.

Revitalize your body naturally with relaxation and rest.

Lose weight safely & develop better eating habits.

Achieve a continual state of well-being.

Experience the true meaning of health.
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