Marketing Your Educational Leadership Skills: How to Land the Job You Want

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Every educator in pursuit of a leadership position in administration will value this book's clear strategy and advice about how to successfully compete for employment. Using the terminology and techniques of business, the author guides the reader step-by-step through the process of developing a personal marketing plan-from gaining product knowledge by developing a personal platform, to getting to know the customer or community. Chapters on sharpening presentation skills enable job-seekers with the potential to provide visionary school leadership to engage in career planning, build effective resumes, practice interview techniques, and master tools that help build the confidence necessary to land the job and salary they want.


Part 1 Introduction Chapter 2 A "Marketing Model" Chapter 3 Plan of the Book Part 4 Know the Product Chapter 5 Platforms and Their Development Chapter 6 What Do You Do with Your Platform? Chapter 7 Your Personal Platform Chapter 8 A Few Final Thoughts Chapter 9 Summary Chapter 10 References Part 11 Know the Customer Chapter 12 Why Go Looking? Chapter 13 Sizing Up the Possible Setting Chapter 14 Community Needs Chapter 15 Learn About the Customer: A Few Tips Chapter 16 Summary Part 17 Choosing the "Target" Chapter 18 Where to Begin Chapter 19 Professional Values and Other Issues Chapter 20 Methods of Narrowing the Target Chapter 21 Summary Part 22 Lining Up Your Ducks Chapter 23 Duck Hunting Chapter 24 Preparing the Scene "Backstage" Chapter 25 Summary Part 26 Presentation Skills: Portfolios Chapter 27 Career Planning Chapter 28 Performance Appraisal Chapter 29 Personal Professional Development Chapter 30 The Point of Portfolios Chapter 31 Summary Part 32 Presentation Skills: Effective Resumes Chapter 33 What is a Resume? Chapter 34 Additional Thoughts on Resumes Part 35 Presentation Skills: Interviewing Chapter 36 Interviewing Tips Chapter 37 More Interviewing Tips Chapter 38 Summary Part 39 Re-Cap and Reflection Chapter 40 Tips for Refining the Search Chapter 41 Tips for Rebounding and Improving Chapter 42 Next Steps Chapter 43 Summary Part 44 Appendix 1: Excerpts from Selected Platforms Part 45 Apprendix 2: Typical Interview Questions Part 46 References


John C. Daresh is a professor of educational leadership at the University of Texas at El Paso. His scholarly work is directed toward high school improvement and professional development opportunities for school administrators.
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