Rickey and Robinson: The Preacher, the Player and America's Game

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Februar 2000



Though baseball lies at the heart of this dual biography, the stories of Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey touch many important issues and changes in American life between 1895 and 1970 - the transition from rural to urban American, two world wars, Vietnam, and the rise of mass media.


John Chalberg


Advanced Praise for Rickey & Robinson: "Chalberg knows his men. This sprightly written dual biography breathes life into two fascinating men forever joined in out historical imagination." - Larry R. Gerlach, Professor of History, University of Utah."..a deft and entertaining account of the Rickey and Robinson saga. Based on a thorough knowledge of the secondary sources and great enthusiasm for the subject, this book should appeal to baseball historians and general readers alike." - Steve Gietschier, The Sporting News"A striking, provocative, and interesting book about two of the baseball giants of the 20th century... The changing world of baseball, the civil rights movement, and the American social landscape provide the canvas on which the lives o these two men unfold." - Richard C. Crepeau, Professor of History, University of Central Florida
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