John Zorn: Tradition and Transgression

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November 2008



The first full-length study of avant-garde American composer John Zorn


Foreword by John Zorn; AcknowledgmentsIntroduction; 1. From the Fantastic to the Dangerously Real: Reading John Zorn's Artwork; 2. Magick and Mysticism in Zorn's Recent Works; 3. Tradition, Gifts, and Zorn's Musical Homages; 4. Continuing the Spiral: Aporias and the Prisms of Tradition; EpilogueDiscography/Filmography; Notes; Bibliography; Index


John Brackett lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.


"A historically situated set of analyses is just what John Zorn deserves as a major artist of our time. The present volume will be important in furthering an understanding of his work." George Lewis, Columbia University "Brackett's first move is to loosen Zorn from the moorings of postmodernism and that most critical assessments of his work attach him to. For Brackett, Zorn is as much modernist as postmodernist...Rather than rehash the postmodern critical blather about 'channel surfing' and borrowed materials from high and low culture that is so often used to describe Zorn's techniques, Brackett emphasises the unity that Zorn strives for in his pieces between seemingly opposing elements, carefully crafting a proper flow and balance. He sees Zorn as a composer who is pushing the boundaries rather than defining them, which is where the transgression of the title comes in."-Alan Licht, The Wire, March 2009
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