Graduate Citizens?: Issues of Citizenship and Higher Education

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Oktober 2002



This book offers a conception of citizenship which is consonant with current 'Third Way' policies articulated by New Labour.


Introduction Part 1: Citizenship and Higher Education in Modern Britain: Some Reflections 1. Citizenship in Britain: Models and Identities 2. Prospects for Social National Citizenship in the United Kingdom: Imperilled but not Impossible? 3. Citizenship and Restructuring of Higher Education Part 2: Being a Graduate and a Citizen in Modern Britain: Evidence and Interpretation 4. Citizenship Themes in Student's Lives 5. Citizenship, Mutuality and Civil Society 6. Conclusion: Concerns, Hopes and Fears


'For the student of Citizenship and Education this is a valuable contribution to the current growing body of literature in the field ... It is a good and rich source of references in the area, and will be a good springboard for further work.' - Escalate This wide-ranging and thought-provoking book contains much of interest to students of the contemporary and historical nature of citizenship, and should also attract the eye of researchers and students with an interest in theoretical perspectives on citizenship education. The William Stow, Canterbury Christ Church University Review in the British Journal of Educational Studies
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