Sons of Darkness, Sons of Light: A Novel of Some Probability

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Juni 1999



This complex and inventive novel by one of the most significant African American writers of the twentieth century reflects the author's apocalyptic vision of black revolutionary impulses and reactionary white conspiracies in the late 1960s.


John A. Williams is Paul Robeson Professor of English at Rutgers University. He is the author of numerous critically acclaimed novels, including The Angry Ones; The Man Who Cried I Am; and !Click Song. Safari West, a volume of poetry, was winner of the 1998 American Book Award. If I Stop I'll Die: The Comedy and Tragedy of Richard Pryor is among his several works of nonfiction. He lives in Tenafly, New Jersey. Richard Yarborough, editor of the Northeastern Library of Black Literature, is Associate Professor of English and Director of the Center for African American Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles.
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