White Summer

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September 2002



In "White Summer, " Joelle Biele investigates the problems of personal and cultural memory. Rich with images of flight and displacement, Biele's poems show a love for words, their music and physicality. In lyric addresses, historical meditations, and autobiographical narratives, she takes readers on a journey that includes stops at a dinner party in ancient Rome, a market square in Germany, an Italian feast in the Bronx, and the main concourse of Manhattan's Grand Central Station. She shows a sharp eye for the telling detail whether she is studying the migrations of birds or sketching portraits of people wishing to escape the confines of their lives. Throughout her first collection, Biele reveals and revels in the power of language to shape and create experience.


A Fulbright scholar and recipient of both the Ruth Lake Award and the Cecil Hemley Memorial Award from the Poetry Society of America, Joelle Biele has been published in the Antioch Review, Hubbub, Indiana Review, the Iowa Review, Meridian, Nimrod, and Epoch. Biele has taught American literature and creative writing at the University of Oldenburg in Germany and has served as a lecturer in the English department at the University of Maryland.
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