Daniel the Miracle Beagle

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DANIEL - THE MIRACLE BEAGLE is the fantastic story of the heart and courage of
a puppy who - at inconceivable odds - survives being gassed, is rescued, and
arrives at the loving home of a Forever Family. Daniel's Mission - passing laws for sparing the lives of millions of shelter animals - has brought him the attention of media and audiences around the world, and is an inspiration to people everywhere who believe in the power of individual initiative leading to collective action as keys to success. Please join Daniel and Joe Dwyer as they share their magnificent tale.

JOE DWYER - Joe Dwyer's mission with Daniel is the latest chapter in a life dedicated to sharing, caring, healing, the greater good of humankind, and
an infinite love for our Animal Friends and Companions. DANIEL is Joe's fourth book, joining SHELBY'S GRACE, THE DOG ATE MY HOMEWORK - OR DID HE? : THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO ACCOUNTABILITY FROM THE DOG'S POINT OF VIEW, and he was interviewed - along with many experts in an astonishing range of fields - in ROADMAP TO SUCCESS. Joe is a Motivational Speaker, Corporate and Civic Mediator, Certified Life Coach, Certified Dog Trainer, Board Member of numerous Animal Rights And Rescue Groups, holder of a degree in Chemical Engineering, and a Third Degree Black Belt in GoJu Ryu Karate. With his wife, Geralynn,
daughter Jenna, son Joe, Daniel and four other dogs, Joe calls Nutley, NJ home.

FLOWER POWER CREATIVE is a Multi-Media / Multi-Platform solution-oriented Organisation and website ( .com ) structured - in a universe of creativity and concepts - toward energy and focus to power the momentum of solutions around the world. FPC'S 5 Platforms - POLITICS / MUSIC AND FINE ARTS / WOMEN'S RIGHTS / ENVIRONMENT / TECHNIQUES - address topics that are vital in their immediacy and timeless in their essence. Daniel's Mission is FPC's next phase. With The
Beatles as a constant inspiration, FPC Co-Founders DOUGLAS LEVISON and NEIL CHAIMAS have produced The FPC / New York Celebrates George Harrison Concert - starring Roberta Flack - and The Beatles / 45 Shea Stadium Celebration, along
with developing World Artists for Peace as a Global Collaboration with the finest talents in Music And Fine Arts, supporting Peace Initiatives around the globe.
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