Fortune's Fool

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'Fortune's Fool'
The Man Who Taught Harold Pinter
A Life of Joe Brearley
Joe Brearley taught English with inspiration, never without a sense of theatre; and rarely without an idea of fun.
Among those influenced by his teaching was the internationally renowned playwright and Nobel Laureate Harold Pinter, along with his friend Henry Woolf who were taught to love the English language, through rehearsal and performance, in poetry and in Joe's play productions whilst attending the (now closed) Hackney Downs School.
Joe's own life was much more complex, as will be seen in this book.
His biography told through his letters falls into three major sections -
- life in pre-war Germany among a privileged elite,
- a search for life's meaning through the writings of C.G.Jung and,
- at the end, an unexpected romance and happiness on an unimagined scale.

Fortune's Fool'
The Man Who Taught Harold Pinter
A Life of Joe Brearley
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