Preaching with Power

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Preaching is taken seriously by Black Christians eveywhere as the primary means by which the Gospel is communicated. Black preachers are at work, expounding the Gospel to whoever will listen. Understanding the Gospel as the power of Hod unto salvation, liberty and freedom, they preach with the urgency of 'a dying man unto a dying world'. The preachers in this book come from across a wide spectrum, from Black-majority and white-majority churches, and from many denominations and walks of life. They include Africans, Carribbeans and Asians, some born in Britain, others born in other countries but resident in Britain, but their words speak of life and the Gospel in every country in the world. Bishop Joe Aldred come from a Black Pentecostal background and if the Director of the Centre for Black and White Christian Partnership, Birmingham.


The way forward, Reverend Ronald A. Nathan; a new world, the Right Reverend Doctor John Sentamu; true worshippers, Pastor John Francis; what do you want me to do for you?, Reverend Eve Pitts; the Church of God, His Grace, the Most Reverend Father Olu A. Abiola; skin deep Christianity, Reverend Ian Sweeney; our approach to God in prayer, Reverend Vicky Merriman-Johnson; from fear to forgiveness, Reverend Inderjit Bhogal; the power of the cross, Bishop Ceebert T. Richards; the desired trinity, the Most Reverend Prophetess Fidelia N. Onyuku-Opukiri (Archbishop); is jesus in your boat?, Reverend Novette Thompson; power and potential, Reverend Ronald O. Brown; living out of vision, Philip Mohabir; double for all your sins, Reverend Donald W. McFarlane; endings and new beginnings, Reverend Detroy Hall; exalting the Lord Jesus Christ, Bishop Lesmon R. Graham; arise and build, Reverend Kate Coleman; the spirit of life, Reverend Paul Morson; bringing a nightmare to an end, Pastor Hughes Redhead; a new and living way, Reverend Carl Smith.


Bishop Dr Joe Aldred is bishop in the Church of God of Prophecy, Secretary for Minority Ethnic Christian Affairs with Churches Together in England; and Chair of the Council of Black-led Churches. He is a broadcaster with the BBC, an author of Respect Understanding Caribbean British Christianity; and editor of Preaching with Power, Praying with Power, and Sisters with Power (Continuum).
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