Metaphysical Myths, Mathematical Practice: The Ontology and Epistemology of the Exact Sciences

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Jody Azzouni argues that mathematical knowledge really is a special kind of knowledge with its own special means of gathering evidence.


Acknowledgements; Part I. Mathematical Practice and its Puzzles: 1. Metaphysical inertness; 2. Metaphysical inertness and reference; 3. The virtues of (second-order) theft; 4. Intuitions about reference and axiom systems; 5. Comparing mathematical terms and empirical terms I; 6. Comparing mathematical terms and empirical terms II; 7. The epistemic role puzzle; 8. Benacerraf's puzzle; 9. Comparing puzzles; 10. Quine's approach I; 11. Quine's approach II; Part II. The Stuff of Mathematics: Posits and Algorithms: 12. Introduction; 13. An initial picture; 14. Application and truth; 15. Systems, application and truth; 16. Quine's objections to truth by convention; 17. Grades of ontological commitment; 18. Multiply interpreting systems; 19. Intuitions about reference revisited; Part III. The Geography of the A Priori: 20. Introduction; 21. Algorithms again; 22. Some observations on metamathematics; 23. Incorrigible co-empiricalness; 24. Why there are no incorrigible co-empirical truths; 25. Normative considerations, the success of applied mathematics, concluding thoughts; Appendix; Bibliography; Index.


"Azzouni's book is a well-conceived and worthwhile contribution. is altogether closely argued, and stimulates serious reflection." Canadian Philosophical Reviews "Interesting, important and well worth reading." Mark Balaguer, Journal of Symbolic Logic "... this is a very interesting and stimulating book... I repeatedly return to it to study its ideas and arguments, and to test my own views against them" --Michael D. Resnik, Philosophia Mathematica "Metaphysical Myths is written in an engaging style and contains a wealth of informative references ... the book is rich with arguments that will more than repay careful study." --Philosophical Books
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