Artists for the Reich: Culture and Race from Weimar to Nazi Germany

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Rich in detail and highly readable, 'Artists for the Reich' provides a more nuanced understanding of German culture under Nazism.


The German Cultural Tradition * Bettina Feistel-Rohmeder and the Origins of the German Art Society * German Art vs Weimar Culture *. The German Art Society, the Volkisch Movement and National Socialism * Artists for the Reich: 1933 * The German Art Society in the Third Reich * German and Nazi Art * Conclusion: German, Weimar and Nazi Culture


Joan L. Clinefelter is Associate Professor of History at the University of Northern Colorado.


'In the tradition of Fritz Stern, George Mosse, and Peter Paret, Joan Clinefelter offers a careful and creative analysis of an overlooked cultural figure (Bettina Feistel-Rohmeder) and situates her work as a voelkisch activist in a broader institutional and historical context. This original and fascinating book enhances our understanding of Weimar and Nazi culture, exploring many of the continuities, tensions, and contradictions that existed in the two periods.' Jonathan Petropoulos, Author of The Faustian Bargain: The Art World in Nazi Germany, Claremont McKenna College'Artists for the Reich makes an important contribution to our understanding of how cultural politics was used as a right-wing mobilization tool in the Weimar Republic and in the Third Reich. It shows how the well-educated, middle and upper-middle-class 'respectable' members of the German Art Society tried to promote a racist, antisemitic, and anti-democratic agenda. Particularly fascinating is Clinefelter's port
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