Practical Strategies for Library

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Librarian, author, and management expert Joan Giesecke builds from years of experience and research to provide practical and innovative strategies geared toward helping you set goals for your department and deliver first-rate library services. Linking the role of frontline manager to the rest of the organization, managers and administrators will learn the invaluable skills of mentoring, team-building, decision making, taking charge, and working and communicating with staff at all levels.


Joan Giesecke, Ph.D., is Dean of Libraries at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. In addition to working at all levels of management within public, special, and academic libraries, she has developed training programs for managers. She holds a doctorate in public administration from George Mason University, a master's of library science from the University of Maryland, and a master's degree in management from Central Michigan University. She is former editor of Library Administration and Management and is author of Scenario Planning for Libraries and Practical Help for New Supervisors, both published by ALA Editions.
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