Organising Learning in the Primary School Classroom

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4th edition, updated to cover recent changes in policies and classroom practice.


1. Introduction 2. Preparing for a New Class 3. The Children 4. Developing the Role of Assistants 5. Teaching Style 6. Children Learning 7. Effective Teaching for Effective Learning 8. Teaching Skills and Learning Strategies 9. Planning for Learning 10. The Curriculum 11. The Primary Framework - Language and Literacy 12. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) 13. Mathematics and Science 14. The Foundation Subjects 15. Creativity 16. Personal and Social Education and Citizenship 17. Classroom Management 18. The Use of Time and Space 19. Providing for Individual Needs 20. Working with Parents 21. Evaluation and Assessment 22. Conclusion


Joan Dean has been involved with many aspects of education, having taught in primary and secondary schools and a college of education. She has held two primary school headships and was for eleven years Senior Primary Advisor for Berkshire and for seventeen years Chief Inspector for Surrey. She was a school governor from 1994 to 2000. She is the author of nearly forty books on education. In 1980 she was awarded an OBE for her services to education.


Praise for previous editions: 'This is an excellent book for teachers and essential reading for anyone who works in primary classrooms.' - Perspective '[Joan Dean's] considerable ability to absorb ideas, analyse and organise the information lead to a clear exposition. Add to that her preference for plain language and it is no surprise, though it is a pleasure, that the book is so readable.' - Education Today
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