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Take a Tasty Tour of America s 50 States 1. In what state were both the lollipop and the hamburger-on-a-bun invented? 2. Where do the largest watermelons grow and what s the distance record for spitting watermelon seeds? How big is the world s largest potato chip and where is it now? 3.


Partial table of contents: NEW ENGLAND. Connecticut--The Constitution State: Election Day Cake. Maine--The Pine Tree State: Blueberry Cornbread. Vermont--The Green Mountain State: Banana Berry Pancakes with Real Maple Syrup. THE MIDDLE ATLANTIC. Delaware--The First State: Classic Gingerbread Squares. Maryland--The Old Line State: Maryland Baked Crab Cakes. Pennsylvania--The Keystone State: Philadelphia Soft Pretzels. THE SOUTH. Alabama--The Heart of Dixie: Sweet Potato Biscuits. Arkansas--The Land of Opportunity: Chocolate Rice Pudding. North Carolina--The Tar Heel State: North Carolina BBQ. South Carolina--The Palmetto State: Peach Roll. West Virginia--The Mountain State: Golden Delicious Apple Pie. THE MIDWEST. Illinois--The Prairie State: Deep-Dish Pizza. Indiana--The Hoosier State: Bread Pudding. Missouri--The Show Me State: Black Walnut Quickbread. Nebraska--The Cornhusker State: Reuben Sandwich. Wisconsin--America's Dairyland: Wisconsin Cheddar Dill Puffs. THE SOUTHWEST. Arizona--The Grand Canyon State: Cheese Quesadilla with Vegetables. Texas--The Lone Star State: Spicy Barbecue Sauce. THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS. Colorado--The Centennial State: Denver Sandwich. Idaho--The Gem State: Baked Sliced Potatoes. Utah--The Beehive State: Mallo-Mallo Fudge Squares. Wyoming--The Cowboy State: Rancher's Beef Pot Pies. THE PACIFIC STATES. Alaska--The Last Frontier: Baked Salmon. California--The Golden State: Classic Caesar Salad. Washington--The Evergreen State: Baked Apples. Index.


JOAN D'AMICO is a cooking instructor at Kings Cookingstudio in New Jersey and an educational consultant. KAREN EICH DRUMMOND, Ed.D., R.D., is a registered dietitian and the author of several adult cookbooks. The two have coauthored Wiley's The Science Chef, The Science Chef Travels Around the World, The Math Chef, and The Healthy Body Cookbook.
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