George Saves the World by Lunchtime

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The perfect introduction for children to the green message - recycle, re-use, reduce and repair. Ages: 5-7yrs.


Dr Jo Readman is in charge of education at the Eden Project in Cornwall. She has previously written books on plants and worked for Channel 4. Ley Honor Roberts' artwork can be seen at Eden in the form of 'the leaf people' in merchandising, the website and around exhibits. She has also worked as a freelance artist, most recently illustrating the new Babar books. She lives in Cornwall with her young family.


"This is a thoroughly enjoyable, worthwhile read whos message is not only obvious but obviously irreproachable and - very important - easy to follow. 5 stars" Books for Keeps "Certainly the message of the book is worth reading, and practising" Inis "This splendid work certainly deserves a place on the junior bookshelf on the grounds of good fun, good sense and good practice" School Librarian "The environmental message is so clearly represented in such a fun accessible way" The Green Parent "Pushes home the importance of recycling while telling a funny story at the same time" -- Andrew Ffrench Oxford Times
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Untertitel: 'George and Flora'. Full colour. Sprache: Englisch.
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