Heritage of Faith: A Framework for Whole Community Catechesis

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Januar 2004



Heritage of Faith is a small book about a big idea: whole community catechesis. This intergenerational approach offers the best opportunity yet for drawing together all ages and stages of a parish community into a faith journey of ongoing learning and conversion. Jo Rotunno briefly explains the meaning and importance of whole community catechesis. She then provides Questions of the Week (one set for every week of the three-year lectionary cycle). These lectionary--based questions (one for adults and one for children) invite reflection on the message of Jesus Christ and lead into daily life. The questions can be introduced in the Sunday homily and in the parish bulletins with an invitation to explore them in the home, in religion classes, and at all parish gatherings during the week. Jo also offers a structured scope and sequence of content that can be incorporated into programs for parish members of all ages. She provides seven sample doctrinal themes for Year A that are connected to the readings of the liturgical seasons but not bound to the lectionary. She outlines an approach to the themes that allows you to bring the parish together for experiences of learning and reflection where all those involved share the riches of our heritage of faith.


Jo Rotunno has been involved with catechesis and religious publishing for over thirty years. She is a workshop facilitator and lecturer, and works for RCL Publishing, Texas.

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