Fixin to Git: One Fan's Love Affair with NASCAR's Winston Cup

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Juli 2003



A sociologist writing for a general audience challenges myths about NASCAR racing, considers the significance of its rise in popularity, and analyzes issues of gender, region, ethnicity, and social class in stock car racing.


Jim Wright grew up in Indiana watching his father race on quarter-mile dirt tracks in the 1950s. After spending a couple of decades establishing himself as an academic sociologist, he began regularly attending NASCAR races in the 1990s. A sociologist who has taught at Tulane University and currently teaches at the University of Central Florida, Wright has written seventeen books. He lives in Orlando.


"This book's personal impressions don't take you behind the pit wall--they take you into the stands, where the average folks watch the race. Wright combines the interests of the academic and the common race fan for an uncommon vision of NASCAR."--Scott Huler, author of A Little Bit Sideways: One Week inside a NASCAR Winston Cup Race Team "If you are a NASCAR fan, or if you just want to know what all the fuss is about, this book is for you... Fixin' to Git explains, as well as it can be explained, the attraction Americans have for stock-car racing... Wright puts stock-car racing squarely into the context of America's love affair with the automobile, covers the basics, explains its national attraction and wraps it all up into the one big subculture that has become America's fastest-growing sport... From sponsors to pit crews, from drivers to souvenir sellers, hardly any element in the spectacle of stock-car racing is left unexamined... [T]he fun of it all is laid out for readers to enjoy. If you are looking for a good book for that NASCAR-loving guy or gal on your Christmas list, this will be appreciated ... And yes, NASCAR fans do read!"--Harvey Jackson, The Anniston Star, Anniston, Alabama "Easily the most compelling look at Winston Cup ever."--Shawn Courchesne, The Hartford Courant (Connecticut) "[T]he crux of [this] unabashed study is that racing can be good fun. The finest chapters focus on the thrill of going 200 mph while negotiating turns on an increasingly slick, sloping ellipse." Publishers Weekly "This is the very best book to surface on auto racing in many years. Informative, entertaining, and eye-opening." Wes Lukowsky, Booklist "[A] wonderful book on stock car racing ..." Royal Ford, The Boston Globe
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