Basic Homebrewing

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April 2006



A full-color introduction to beer brewing, complete with recipes, including: Paradise Pale AleOld Bald Fart Barley WineOld Country LagerMoo-Juice Milk Stout
Whether you'd like to start your own brewpub someday or are just looking for an alternative to bland, mass-produced beer, "Basic Homebrewing" is the perfect way to learn the fundamentals of home fermentation. Illustrated throughout in full color and structured around a series of increasingly complex recipes, the book teaches essential techniques through clear, step-by-step instruction, revealing a process that is equal parts science and art--you'll familiarize yourself with both the technology that makes brewing possible as well as the malts, hops, and additives that give a beer its flavor. By the end, you'll have the tools you need to start experimenting on your own and coming up with new concoctions. Best of all, you'll never have to touch another cheap, watery beer again.


Equipment and Ingredients; Basic Techniques - Parker's Amber Ale; Wort Chilling and Dry Hopping - Paradise Pale Ale; Using Speciality Grains - Parliamentary Porter; Speciality Grains and Dry Hopping - Old Bald Fart Barley Wine; Using Non-traditional Ingredients and Kegging - Moo-Juice Milk Stout; Lager Yeast and Lagering - Old County Lager; The Minimash - Wedding Wit; Introduction to Advanced Set-ups and Techniques.
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