A Time to Vote: Is It Too Late to Save America?

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Juli 2008



America is on the brink! Is it too late to save America? A Time To Vote by Jim Moyer will take you into the moral and ethical battles facing America today. When a newly elected president dies suddenly, an eighty-two-year-old, conservative vice president is thrust into the presidency. Johnson Abraham Montgomery sets out to return America to her original roots. Have we come this far to let this great country be ruled by the few to the detriment of the many and be carted off into ash heap of history? One adversary, the senior senator from New York demands, We need to put unrelenting pressure on him. The media, a female judge aspiring for the Supreme Court, and a brutal lawyer also attack his every move. When the most liberal Supreme Court Justice resigns and several terrorist plots are suspected, the stakes increase dramatically for the opposition. The man who holds the key declares, You tell your people, I won't be threatened. Jim Moyer takes the reader through a roller coaster of intrigue, back room dealings and moral dilemmas. President Montgomery believes there are still enough Americans who will rise up and take a stand with him. Truly, A Time To Vote. But will they vote and how will they vote? Jim Moyer is a graduate of Virginia Tech and the Harvard Business School. He founded and ran a real estate development company since 1982. Jim has a passion to see America return to her roots. He and his wife reside in Phoenix, AZ.

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