OOP Demystified

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Learn object-oriented programming in no time with help from this easy-to-understand guide, ideal for novice and expert programmers alike. Discover why objects are so successful as the model for this type of programming and how objects are classified. Distinguish between how people see the world and how computers "see" it. Learn about attributes and methods, inheritance, polymorphism, real-world and case modeling, object-oriented programming languages, and much more. Each chapter ends with a quiz, culminating in a final exam at the end of the book so you can test your knowledge.


Ch. 1: A Look at How We See the World Ch. 2: A Look at How Computers See the World Ch. 3: Identifying and Describing Objects Ch. 4: What is a Class? Ch. 5: Attributes and Methods Ch. 6: Encapsulation Ch. 7: Inheritance Ch. 8: Polymorphism Ch. 9: AbstractionCh. 10: Real World Modelling Ch. 11: Collaboration Ch. 12: Case Modeling Ch. 13: Class Diagrams Ch. 14: Interfaces Ch. 15: OOP Programming Languages


Jim Keogh is on the faculty of Columbia University teaching courses in its technology certification program. He has spent 15 years developing computer systems for major Wall Street firms such as Salomen, Inc. and Bear Stearns and has written several best-selling books for Prentice Hall and IDG.
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