Beginning Java EE 5

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*J2EE 5 is a hot, emerging topic; timely to market
*Book covers all other neww J2EE-related technologies, like EJB 3, JSP 2.1, etc.
*Previous edition on 1.4 was excellent seller, with consistent low Amazon rank


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James L. Weaver is the chief scientist at Learning Assistant Technologies, a company that specializes in developing learner-centric tools. He is also the president of JMentor, a Java mentoring, training, and consulting practice.
Jim Crume is a Java architect at Fusion Alliance, an Indianapolis-based consulting company that specializes in web application development. Crume has spent many years as a consultant, and specializes in architecting and developing web-based systems, but he particularly enjoys Java.
Kevin Mukhar is a software developer in Colorado Springs, Colorado. For the past 5 years, he has worked on various software systems using different J2EE technologies. He has co-authored three other books, including Beginning Java Databases (1861004370), which is one of the most popular of the JDBC books available today. He is currently working on a master's degree in computer science and learning to play the saxophone. He recently passed the Java Web Component Developer Certification exam.

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