Teaching Your Children Healthy Sexuality: A Biblical Approach to Prepare Them for Life

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August 2008



Much more than just the when and how of having "the talk," this invaluable resource encourages building a "theology of healthy sexuality" through the introduction of age-appropriate dialog throughout a young person's life.


Jim Burns, PhD, founded the ministry HomeWord in 1985 with the goal of bringing help and hope to struggling families. As hose of the radio broadcast HomeWord With Jim Burns, heard daily in over eight hundred communities, Jim's passion is to build God-honoring families through communicating practical truths that will enable adults and young people alike to live out their Christian faith. In addition to the radio program, Jim speaks to thousands around the world each year through seminars and conferences. He is an award winning author whose books include The 10 Building Blocks for a Happy Family and Creating an Intimate Marriage. Jim and his wife, Cathy, and their three daughters live in Southern California.
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