Digital Imaging: A Practical Approach

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Digital Imaging is the essential guide to understanding digitization and managing a digitizing project. Koelling covers everything from deciding if digitizing is for you to planning and management, choosing equipment, and managing databases. Not only does she guide you in mastering the technical details, she also helps you find the fun in working with images.


1 Preface 2 Chapter One: A Digital Glossary 3 Chapter Two: Questions to Ask Before Starting a Digital Project 4 Chapter Three: Copyright and Ethics 5 Chapter Four: Project Management 6 Chapter Five: Technical Specifications 7 Chapter Six: Choosing Equipment 8 Chapter Seven: How to Track Digital Images: Metadata and Databases 9 Chapter Eight: Revealing History: Image Enhancement as a Research Tool 10 Suggested Readings 11 About the Author 12 Index


Jill Marie Koelling spent seven and a half years working for the Nebraska State Historical Society as curator of photographs and head of digital imaging. She is now applying her digital imaging expertise as the Executive Director of the Collaborative Digitization Program, housed at the University of Denver.


Whether overseeing a digital project for a historical agency, engaging in scholarly research, or researching a family history, both the novice and the computer savvy will find in Digital Imaging the background and methodologies that can provide a solid basis for pursuing research in state and local history. The Annals Of Iowa Digital Imaging is directly applicable to library situations. The information in this book is useful for digital services professionals, collection managers, curators, museum directors, and exhibit designers. Koelling writes knowlingly about the 'endless struggle to keep the object alive' as preservation issues and image format changes arise. These are extremely challenging issues for libarians. As the title implies, however, the book is solely about imaging and does not include audio and visual streaming. Next book, Ms. Koelling? The Serials Librarian ...very informative work...the book is a worthwhile investment for those who are about to embark on a digitizing project and have no idea where to start or whom to contact for assistance. -- Sharon Silengo State Historical Society Of North Dakota Koelling's conversational style makes the book flow well and it includes something for museums and institutions of all sizes. The examples she gives to illustrate her points are easy to understand. I would recommend this book to anyone who has been considering beginning a digital imaging program and is somewhat familiar with the technology and equipment involved. -- Sarah Polak, Director of the Mari Sandoz High Plains Heritage Center and Digital Imaging Laboratory at Chadron State College Nebraska History
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