Troubling Women

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Februar 1999



Argues that fresh forms of managerialism, while seemingly sympathetic to so called 'female styles of leadership', have produced a value shift which is troubling for many women in leadership. This book presents research on how educational restructuring has produced specific dilemmas for women in educational leadership.


Troubling women
new leaders for new hard times?
Part one: Disciplinary technologies
The gendering of educational work
Power/knowledge at work in educational administration
Gendered lives
becoming educators, feminists and leaders
Part two: Disruptive voices
Gender equity policy
where to go from here?
Working in a system not of your own making
Fixing the feminist gaze upon masculinity
Part three: Risky business
Doing emotional management work
gender, markets and self managing schools
Embodied authority
the disciplined but disruptive powerful woman
Dealing with difference
Conclusion: A feminist postmasculinist politics of educational leadership


Jill Blackmore is an Associate Professor in the School of Social and Cultural Studies in the Faculty of Education, Deakin University. She taught in state secondary schools for 14 years and currently teaches postgraduate courses in educational administration and policy to distance learning students. Her main interests are in feminist approaches to administrative and organizational theory, leadership, educational restructuring, organizational change and teachers' work, and all their policy implications. She has published widely in various international and professional journals in the field of administration, policy, history and feminist studies. Recent publications include co-editorship (with Jane Kenway) of Gender Matters in Educational Administration and Policy: A feminist introduction (Falmer, 1993); Answering Back: girls, boys, education and feminism (co-authored with Jane Kenway, Sue Willis and Leonie Rennie) Routledge, 1998.


"It presents a wide-ranging, coherent and, I believe, persuasive argument in favour of an alternative to the learning experiences currently offered in most universities." - Journal of Vocational Education & Training "I commend this book particularly strongly to those who are, at the time of writing, in the early stages of setting up the new quality assurance agency for higher education...Harvey & Knight offer principled optimism, and practical ways forward. I hope they will be heard, and their ideas developed and acted on." - Studies in Higher Education "Higher education policy makers should be especially interested in this book." - Teaching in Higher Education
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