Death Goes Shopping: A Jenny Turnbull Mystery

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Oktober 2002



Being promotions director of a large shopping mall isn't the most stress-free job on the planet, but Jenny Turnbull enjoys it and is darn good at it. But her job becomes quite a bit more gruesomely stressful when an unseen gunman goes on a spree in a bloody food court massacre during her special Hallowe'en promotion.


The Huis and Where They Came From;
The Formation of the Hui Zu;
The Fate of the Hui During and After the Qing Dynasty;
Further Assimilation of Minorities and its effects of Muslims;
How the Hui Zu Lives in China;
Influential Muslim Personalities;
Admiral Zheng He and His Achievements;
Contributions of the Chinese Muslims;
The Staunchness of the Chinese Muslims.


Jessica Burton was born in Scotland. Jessica spent seven years with Brampton Guardian newspaper and she also worked eight years as Promotion Director at Bramalea City Centre. These experiences have aided in the formation of the unique insider's take on the workings of the shopping mall and newspaper industries contained in the Jenny Turnbull mysteries. She lives in Brampton, Ontario.
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