The Price of Passion

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Juni 2005



In sensuously crafted prose, well-published author Jess Wells takes us on a journey into the heart of sex and passion, exploring the demands of emotion and the conditions for intimacy.Simone, the orphaned, emotionally neglected daughter of a wealthy family, must earn her inheritance by traveling the globe, delivering a message to her dying grandmother's lesbian lovers. The young woman hopes that the pilgrimage will help her construct her shadowed family history -- the shape of lives lived without her.In The Price of Passion, Simone discovers a universe of sexual initiation, lust, love, and desire, of great possibility and limited options, through a series of erotic encounters linked by her familial mission and worldly experience. She learns that there is a price to be paid for the emotions one is willing to feel, the truths one is capable of acknowledging.

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