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Classica et Mediaevalia is an international periodical with articles written by Danish and foreign scholars. They are mainly published in English, but sometimes in French and German as well. From a philological point of view, the periodical deals with Classical Antiquity in general and topics such as history of law, philosophy, and medieval ecclesiastic history. It covers the period from Greek-Roman Antiquity until the Late Middle Ages. Contents include: 'Reflecting (In)Justice' in the Republic's Line and Cave: Thrasymachus and Plato's Level of eikasia * Quorum in the People's Assembly in Classical Athens * Nektanebo in the Vita Aesopi and in Other Narratives * Chalcidian Politicians and Rome between 208 and 168 BC * Rewriting Dido: Ovid, Vergil and the Epistula Didonis ad Aeneam (AL 71 SB) * Seneca on Platonic Apatheia * Octavia and Renaissance Tragedy from Trissino to Shakespeare * A Dramatic Afterlife: The Byzantines on Ancient Drama and Its Authors * Nine Unidentified Verses in the


What about the Greeks who went to Troy? Three Tragic Contexts and Homer; From Mytological Parody to Political Satire: Some Stages in the Evolution of Old Comedy; Aristotle on Animals in the Politics; Diodoros of Sicily (32.2 and 4) and Polybios; The New Posidippus Papyri and Propertius Shipwreck Odes (Prop. 1.17; 3.7); '[O]pus est ... Apolline nato': Liminality and Closure in the Aesculapius Episode in Metamorphoses 15.626-744; From Proconsul to Saint: Sergius Paullus to St. Paul-Serge; Valentinian I, Severa, Marina and Justina; Manuel Holobolos, Alfred of Sareshal, and the Greek Translator of ps.-Aristotles De plantis; Maximos Planoudes: Dr. Bowdler in Byzanz?; Unity and Difference in Dantes Universal Vision.
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