Pft Notes: Pulmonary Function Testing Pocket Guide

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November 2009



A Daviss Notes book. PTF Notes is intended to provide a quick reference for all aspects of pulmonary function testing including tests/studies, indications for the test/studies, techniques, American Thoracic Society recommendations and standards, normal values, and quality assurance. Currently chronic obstructive disease (COPD) afflicts approximately 30 million people in the US, and is the fourth leading cause of death in this county. Pulmonary function testing is the primary means of identifying these patients, and PFT labs are becoming more common in physicians offices and are already well established in hospitals and out-patient clinics. Pulmonary function testing is performed by respiratory care practitioners, nurses and medical assistants. The primary market for this title is Respiratory Therapy students and practitioners, and the secondary market might include some RNs, Pas, exercise physiologists, and possibly MAs.

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