Jazz-Age Boomtown

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Mai 1997



The 1920s oil boom changed every aspect of life in the sleepy town of Breckenridge, Texas - employment, social activities, housing, religion, and education - and with these changes came the beginnings of modern American culture. Jazz-Age Boomtown depicts the social history of small-town America and the oil boom phenomenon in a stunning photographic essay. Photographer Basil Clemons photographed not only the oil fields but also many other aspects of Breckenridge's boom - views of main streets, fires, floods, the circus, movie theaters, sporting events, schools, ranches, shops, and restaurantscapturing the essence of the boomtown atmosphere. Clemons, the town's only professional photographer and most eccentric resident, traveled to California, the Pacific Northwest, and Alaska before returning to Texas in 1919 and settling in Breckenridge. His pictures reflect the transformation of rural to urban values in the early twentieth century, providing a visual history of modern American culture.


Jerry Rodnitzky, professor of history at the University of Texas at Arlington, is the author of many articles on twentieth-century American social, intellectual, and cultural history and popular culture.Shirley Rodnitzky is manuscript archivist in the Special Collections Division, University of Texas at Arlington Libraries.
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